Each new client begins with a mandatory initial nutrition consultation

after which we decide which of these services would best suit you.

Consultations may be done in office or online.

Free Getting Acquainted Call ⋅ 15 min.

This brief introductory call will allow us to get to know each other and determine whether my services will be a good match for what you are hoping to achieve.

Initial Nutritional Consultation ⋅ 90 min.

When we start our health journey together, we use this initial time to learn more about you as an individual, understand your health history, your lifestyle choices and your present state of well-being.

We do this through an extensive set of questionnaires, the review of pre-existing lab work from a functional perspective, a nutrition focused physical exam, and measuring body composition with the latest non-invasive technology.

We cover all aspects of your current lifestyle including:
❖ Diet
❖ Sleep
❖ Movement
❖ Mindfulness
❖ Relationships
❖ and many more areas of your life

The information revealed during this consultation will provide the foundation for our work together and will allow us to create the most bespoke health and wellness protocol for you. This protocol will then be presented and discussed in your follow-up visit.

Follow-up Visits ⋅ 60 min.

Follow-up sessions are booked only after your initial consultation. As an integral part of your healing journey, we will use this time to present to you your bespoke health and wellness protocol. It is highly recommended to book a series of follow-up visits as during each of these we will further explore food journals, assess and resolve potential obstacles, and review lab data (if applicable), all the while gently but firmly moving forward towards attaining your ultimate goals.

Follow-up consultations maintain consistency and focus so that you can remain motivated on reaching the health objectives set by you and your practitioner.

Ketogenic Nutritional Therapy Consultation

The “ketogenic diet” is currently one of the most googled phrases. Intuitas Integrative Wellness offers solutions backed by science, utilizing the ketogenic diet as it is meant to be used, as an adjunct therapy for metabolic conditions. Whether you are affected by pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cancer, or cognitive disorders, or simply want to explore the health benefits of this diet, we can help you formulate a healthy and sustainable nutritional protocol.

Fasting Mimicking Diet Protocol

Fasting is a wonderful tool for health and healing; however many people have a hard time with compliance. Enter ProLon, the first program developed to mimic a state of fasting through a plant-based dietary program centred around innovate research. Through this 5-day dietary program, fasting becomes doable, safe, and pleasant while offering an improvement in metabolic markers, stem cell rejuvenation, and potential abdominal fat loss. Intuitas Integrative Wellness strongly believes in the therapeutic effects of fasting and finds this product a wonderful tool to introduce the concept to all that are interested.

This consultation will take the client through the process of instituting the fast and includes all the food/drinks required for the fast.

*please note that fasting may not be suitable for everyone

Bioelectrical Impedance Body Composition ⋅ 15min.

Being able to track one’s progress is key to achieving a successful goal. Here at Intuitas Integrative Wellness, we offer you the ability to measure and track your body composition using a quick non-invasive technique known as bioelectrical impedance. In less than 3 minutes, we can get a range of measurments that include but are not limited to muscle mass, fat mass, total body water, and bone mass. As we age, our body mass distribution changes, with proper nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, we can maintain and improve the correct body composition for health and longevity.

This service is included in your initial consultation and follow up visit packages, however, you can also book this as a one off service should you choose to.

Functional Lab Interpretations ⋅ 60 min.

Are you looking to gain more insight on your current lab results? Conventional lab ranges are devised to identify and diagnose particular disease states. Through a functional medicine lens, we are looking at the physiological health of the body and measure health on a spectrum spanning between optimal health and disease.

Standard lab reference ranges ignore individuals who despite being clinically “normal” and within range are still suffering from unexplained symptoms or a clinically unidentifiable condition. Functional lab ranges are narrower and can “catch” those individuals that fall through the conventional paradigm.

We use your lab testing as trackable data to create a benchmark with which to work with and track your success to optimal health.

This service is included in your initial consultation and follow up visit packages, however, you can also book this as a one off service should you choose to.

*Laboratory testing costs not included

Weekly Meal Plan

Need a little motivation to get you started? Interested in trying a new way of eating but not sure where to start? Our weekly meal plan subscription can help set you on the right path. With recipes that have been created and tested by a team of nutritionally focused recipe developers and dieticians, you will not want for ideas or inspiration. You will receive your week’s meal plan in your email inbox that includes 3 meals, snacks for each day, and an automated grocery list and nutrition chart to keep you motivated.

3 Month Metabolic Revolution

In this 3 month journey, I personally join you as you make the necessary changes to achieve a higher state of health and wellbeing. This 3 month package includes:

1 x 90 minute initial consultation
8 x 60 minute follow-ups
12 x weekly customized meal plans
Lab analysis (as needed) 
Regular bio-impedance tracking and monitoring
Personalized action plans
Food and mood journal reviews
Email, messaging, and phone support in between sessions

This package will help you ensure you stay focused and on track with all the support you need to reach your ultimate goals

Nutritional Genomic Consultation (COMING SOON)

With today’s genomic testing, you can understand what sets you apart from others when it comes to your lifestyle and health. Through the information revealed from a simple saliva test, we can understand why certain choices, diets, or ways of life may work for or against you in your quest for optimal health. Together we can find the most suitable lifestyle and protocol that is truly bespoke.

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