Conditions Addressed

Conditions Addressed

We specialize in metabolic disorders.

Our metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that our body relies on for energy production and ultimately to maintain life. These chemical reactions are what orchestrate the breakdown of food into fuel for the body to use immediately or store for later use. An interruption to these chemical processes can result in what we call metabolic disorders.

Brain fog, cravings, mood swings, unexplained weight gain, joint pain, and other what are thought to be common “symptoms of ageing” are not in fact the by-product of ageing or genetics, but signs of metabolic distress.

Chiara is very conscious and practical in her approach by understanding certain limits that I face in my lifestyle.

— N.H.

Our Goal

Our biggest goal is to provide personalized nutrition & lifestyle addressing these conditions:


Type-2 Diabetes

Metabolic Syndrome


Cognitive Disorders


Other Concerns

While we specialize in metabolic disorders, we consult on numerous other concerns:

Digestive Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Brain Fog

Skin Conditions


Weight Control Planning

Chronic Inflammation

Optimal Aging Support

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